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Recycling Day
by Edward Miller
Edward Miller, Illustrator

Reinforced | 32 pages | 8 x 10 | US$ 16.95
ISBN: 9780823424191 | 07-01-2014

Also available as an ebook.

Grade: SECOND | Age: 4 to 8

Themes: Ecology & Conservation, Community
Recommendations: K, SLJ

CCSS Codes:
L. 3.1-3, 3b, 4, 4a, 4d, 5, 5b, 6
RF. 3.3, 3c-d, 4, 4a, 4c
RL. 3.1-7, 10
W. 3.1, 2, 2a-d, 3, 7-8, 10
RI. 3.1-5, 7-10
SL. 3.1, 1a-d, 2-4, 6

About the Book

This zippy introduction to reducing waste includes facts about how much trash Americans produce and how that can be changed.

Oh no! The unthinkable has happened. So much garbage has piled up in the vacant lot that's home to a group of bugs that revolting rats are moving in and taking over. Luckily recycling day is almost here. Volunteers swoop in to tidy up this neighborhood eyesore. As they take the ant's old bottle and the grasshopper's cardboard box, the kids explain the processes of recycling paper, glass, plastic, and metal as well as how to compost. They even have tips on recycling electronics and making items such as fabrics, books, and toys available for reuse.


"Miller's cheerful cartoon illustrations reinforce the text's positive and encouraging tone. . . . It could motivate children to start conservation efforts themselves."—School Library Journal

"Sure to inspire a new generation of recyclers."—Kirkus Reviews

Classroom Discussion Questions with CCSS:

1. What is the central message of Recycling Day? Explain how the message is conveyed through details in the text. RL.2-3.1, 2

2. At what point in the story does the plot change? Write a paragraph explaining how the actions of the characters influence the sequence of events. RL.2-3.1, 3 / W.2-3.3

3. Discuss the difference in point of view of the characters in the story. What is your point of view? Who do you agree with? Use details from the story and from your personal experiences. RL.2-3.6 / SL.2-3.1, 4, 6

4. Choose one of the flow charts from the book. Write a paragraph informing about the topic. Describe the relationship between a series of scientific ideas or concepts, or steps in technical procedures using language that pertains to time, sequence and cause/effect. RI.2-3.1, 3, 4, 5