Will Hillenbrand
Hillenbrand ALL FOR A DIME is the newest Bear and Mole story from Will Hillenbrand!

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Title Author
After the Ashes, Trade Binding Joiner, Sara K
All the World's a Stage, Trade Binding Woelfle, Gretchen
THE ANNE FRANK CASE, Reinforced Rubin, Susan Goldman
The Anne Frank Case, Paperback Rubin, Susan Goldman
B. FRANKLIN, PRINTER, Trade Binding Adler, David A.
Backwards Moon, Trade Binding Losure, Mary
THE BATTLE FOR THE CASTLE, Trade Binding Winthrop, Elizabeth
BEAUTY, Trade Binding Wallace, Bill
Because They Marched, Trade Binding Freedman, Russell
Becoming Ben Franklin, Trade Binding Freedman, Russell
Benny Goodman & Teddy Wilson, Reinforced Cline-Ransome, Lesa
Big Red, Trade Binding Kjelgaard, Jim
Big Red, Paperback Kjelgaard, Jim
Big River's Daughter, Trade Binding Miller, Bobbi
BLUES JOURNEY, Reinforced Myers, Walter Dean
The Bullet Catch, Trade Binding Axelrod, Amy Axelrod and David
Call Me Oklahoma!, Trade Binding Glassman, Miriam
Canary in the Coal Mine, Trade Binding Rosenberg, Madelyn
The Case of the Bug on the Run, Trade Binding Freeman, Martha
The Case of the Bug on the Run, Paperback Freeman, Martha