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Strudel's Forever Home
by Martha Freeman

Trade Binding | 192 pages | 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 | US$ 16.95
ISBN: 9780823435340 | 02-15-2016

Also available as an ebook.

Grade: FIFTH | Age: 8 to 12

Themes: Animals/Fiction, Adoption
Recommendations: K, SLJ

CCSS Codes:
W.5.4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 9a, 10
RL.5.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10
L.5.3, 4, 4a, 5, 5a, 6
RF.5.3, 4, 4a, 4b
SL.5.1, 1c, 1d, 2, 4, 6

About the Book

Middle-grade readers will get a dog's eye view as an irrepressible dachshund narrates this touching story of a dog who needed a family, and a struggling family who needed a dog.

Strudel, a homeless dachshund, loves listening to Jake read from Chief, Dog of the Old West at the animal shelter. When Jake decides to adopt him, Strudel vows to be as brave and loyal as Chief. Only trying to fend off danger in his new home leads to trouble when Strudel makes mistakes such as shredding a "rattlesnake" that is actually a garden hose. But despite Strudel's humorous miscalculations, his instincts are mostly correct. He knows who is really a member of his pack, and that Mom's boyfriend Arnie can't be trusted.


"Readers will cheer for this small dog with a big heart and dreams to match."—Booklist

"Give this to kids who like stories told from the animal's perspective."—School Library Journal

"A winning . . . story of a dog and his many families."—Kirkus Reviews

Classroom Discussion Questions with CCSS:

1. Describe how the narrator’s point of view influences how events are described in Strudel’s Forever Home. How does the point of view contribute to the meaning and tone? RL.4-5.6

2. What is the theme of the book? How is the theme reflected through character behavior, and how they respond to challenges? RL.4-5.2

3. How does author Martha Freeman use imagery in the story? Describe language that appeals to the senses. L.4-5.5

4. Why do you think Martha Freeman chose passages from the book Chief, Dog of the Old West to be read in Strudel’s Forever Home? Discuss the connections. SL.4-5.1, 4

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