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3, 2, 1, Go!
An I Like to Read® Book Level G
by Emily Arnold McCully
Emily Arnold McCully, Illustrator

Reinforced | 24 pages | 8 x 10 | US$ 14.95
ISBN: 9780823432882 | 01-15-2015

Also available as an ebook.

Grade: FIRST | Age: 4 to 8

Themes: Easy Readers, Animals/Fiction
Recommendations: A, K*, SLJ

CCSS Codes:
RL.1.1-4, 6, 7, 9
L.1.1, 1b, 1c, 1I, 1j, 4, 4a, 5, 5c, 6
RF.1.1,1a ,2, 2b, 3, 3f, 3g, 4, 4a, 4c
SL.1.1, 1a, 1b, 1c, 2-6
W.1.1-3, 5, 6, 8

About the Book

Ann is playing school with her friend Bess. "Oh, no. Here comes Min!" Ann says. "This is a school zone, Min. School is hard. You are not ready. Here is the line. You may not step over it."

Min is clever and resourceful. She gets a board, a tube, a rope, and a rock and builds and launches a rocket that catapults her right into the middle of her big sister's playdate without stepping over the line

Beginning readers will cheer underdog Min's triumphant landing in this easy-to-read book that celebrates ingenuity and perseverance.


★ "A sure hit."—Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"This succeeds both as entertainment and instruction; the pachyderms’ social interactions and STEM content are a delightful bonus."—Booklist

About the Series

I Like to Read®
books are picture books written and illustrated so that even the newest reader can enjoy a satisfying, quality literary experience. The books in the series are written at kindergarten and early first grade reading levels.

"These books deftly combine text and art to create a positive experience for new readers."—School Library Journal

"This series dares to make entertaining reads from short texts and familiar vocabulary"—Kirkus Reviews

"Each one makes the hard world of learning to read enough fun to encourage children at this critical developmental moment to try another one."—Vicky Smith, Children's and YA Editor at Kirkus Reviews

Click here for flash cards for each book, educator's materials for the series and the complete listing of I Like to Read® books!


Read an exclusive Q&A with author, Emily Arnold McCully!

Classroom Discussion Questions with CCSS:

1. Retell the story in your own words. Create a story map using pictures to describe the beginning, middle and end of 3, 2, 1, Go! RL.K-1.2

2. What is Min's problem? How does Min solve her problem? RL.K-1.1, 3

3. Why do you think Bess and Ann do not want to play with Min? Write a sentence and draw a picture telling them how it made you feel when they left Min out. RL.K-1.1, 3 / W.K-1.1

4. How do you personally connect with this story? Which character can you relate to? Why? SL.K-1.1, 4

Readers' Guide
3, 2, 1, GO!: An I Like to Read® Book, Level G
Lesson plan featuring before, during, and after activities aligned to Instructional Standards.