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Roxie Munro talks about her new book, Rodent Rascals.

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by Tim Hamilton
Tim Hamilton, Illustrator

Reinforced | 32 pages | 8 x 10 | US$ 16.95
ISBN: 9780823430468 | 07-01-2014

Also available as an ebook.

Grade: FIRST | Age: 4 to 7

Themes: Humor
Recommendations: K, SLJ

CCSS Codes:
RL. 2.1, 3-7, 10
L. 2.3, 4, 4a, 4c-e, 5, 5a-b, 6
SL. 2.2
W. 2.1-3, 5, 7-8
RF. 2.3, 3d-f, 4a, 4c

About the Book
Colorful and zany illustrations depict a comical story about the importance of quick-thinking.

Eddie and his dog, Phil, live in chilly Halibut Bay, where a lack of hats leaves everyone with cold heads. One blustery weekend, Eddie's Aunt Sue is laid up with a broken leg, and Eddie and Phil must go do her chores. To make matters worse, they learn that they have to throw Sue's friend Captain Rugbeard a pirate birthday party! Eddie and Phil rush to decorate, and with little time to spare they wrap up some socks made by Aunt Sue; BUT. . . Captain Rugbeard turns out to have only one foot. Can Eddie and Phil come up with a clever solution, or will they suffer the wrath of an angry pirate? This hilarious picture book will keep young readers on the edges of their seats.

Classroom Discussion Questions with CCSS:

1. Describe the main characters Eddie and Phil. How did their actions contribute to the sequence of events? What did you learn from them? RL.2-3.1, 2, 3
2. Create a story map of the events in sequence. RL.2-3.1, 3
3. Explain how the illustrations emphasize aspects of the characters and setting. Give examples. RL.2-3.7
4. How does author/illustrator Tim Hamilton create suspense? SL.2-3.1, 4, 6

Activity Sheets

BUT! Pirate Party Activity Kit
Includes many fun activities for children, including how to make your own pirate hat!