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The Wing Wing Brothers Geometry Palooza
by Ethan Long
Ethan Long, Illustrator

Reinforced | 32 pages | 10 x 8 | US$ 15.95
ISBN: 9780823429516 | 01-01-2014

Also available as an ebook.

Grade: FIRST | Age:

Themes: Shapes, Geometry, Humor
Recommendations: A, K, PW

CCSS Codes:
K.G.A.1, A.2, B.6
1.G.A.2, A.3
2.G.A.2, A.3
RL.1.1-5, 7, 9
W.1.2, 3, 5-8

About the Book
The Wing Wing brothers are back and attempting three amazing feats in their hysterical new show. This time, their show teaches readers the basics of geometry.

With Long's wacky comic-style illustrations, kids won't notice they're also learning about relative positions as well as how to put shapes together to make new ones, and partition rectangles into equal shares.


"The short text creates humorous situations, but the madcap, cartoonlike characters generate the laughs. . . . They’re sometimes earnest but basically daffy characters with a knack for making math fun.”"—Booklist

“Long’s comics-style panels bring clarity and comedy to each episode, and his irreverent closing gag will leave readers cackling.”—Publishers Weekly

Classroom Discussion Questions with CCSS:

1. Identify the "relative positions"/prepositions in chapter 1 (in front, above, behind, beside, below, through). Explain how each word relates to the story. RL.K-1.1 / L.K-1.1 / math,content.K.G.A.1
2. Identify the shapes in chapter 2. Create a shape chart. Identify the characteristics of each shape. Give students shapes (cutouts or plastic manipulatives) to handle and create new shapes. RL.K-1.1 / math.content.K.G.A.1, 2 / K.G.B.6 / 1.G.A.1
3. Explain the meaning of equal, half, parts, one-fourth, and whole. RL.K-1.4 / L.K-1.4 / math.content.1.G.A.3
4. Create a magic "wand." Find all the "W" words in the story. List the words with the class. Discuss why the author may have used many words with the same sound. RF.K-1.3