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Ol' Clip-Clop
A Ghost Story
by Patricia C. McKissack
Eric Velasquez, Illustrator

Reinforced | 32 pages | 9 x 10 | US$ 16.95
ISBN: 9780823422654 | 07-01-2013

Also available as an ebook.

Grade: SECOND | Age: 6 to 9

Themes: Mystery & Suspense, Bullies, Halloween
Recommendations: A, K*, PW*, SLJ

CCSS Codes:
1-4: RL.3, 7
2-5: SL.5

About the Book
Mounting his horse, cold-hearted John Leep smiles as he anticipates evicting the widow Mayes for nonpayment of rent. When she comes up with the rent after all, Leep, unwilling to be disappointed, knocks her coins to the floor and hides one of them in his boot. The widow is evicted; but as he departs, Leep is pursued by an unseen stalker.

As Leep rides faster, so does his pursuer—clippity-cloppity, clippity-cloppity—until Leep reaches his home. Is John Leep safe at last or is Ol' Clip-Clop going to SWALLOW HIM WHOLE?!!!!!


Click here for a Q&A with illustrator Eric Velasquez!


★ "Storyteller McKissack crafts a spine-tingling tale set during colonial times about a greedy man who just may get the scare of his life. . . . Splendid . . . Edge-of-the-seat suspense done impeccably."—Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

★ "Readers who crave truly scary stories won't be disappointed by the conclusion to this enigmatic tale.—Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

About the Illustrator
Eric Velasquez