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by Gail Gibbons
Gail Gibbons, Illustrator

Paperback | 32 pages | 11 X 9 1/2 | US$ 7.99
ISBN: 9780823421534 | 03-01-2008

Also available as an ebook.

Grade: SECOND | Age: 4 to 8

Themes: Health/Nutrition/Physical Fitness, Science & Nature, Ecology & Conservation, Farming & Farm Life
Recommendations: A, SLJ

CCSS Codes:
K-3: RI.2, 6, 7

About the Book

Who knew there were so many different kinds of vegetables?

Glossy red peppers; lush, leafy greens; plump, orange pumpkins; and delectable little peas: Vegetables come in many shapes, colors, and forms. Using her signature combination of a clear, informative text and plenty of illustrations, diagrams, and cross sections, Gail Gibbons provides a wealth of information about produce.

"A clear, informative introduction to eight groups of vegetables. . . . A simple, effective approach to the topic."—School Library Journal


Download the FRUITS WE EAT / VEGETABLES WE EAT Combo Guide featuring questions for classroom discussion aligned with CCSS and activity sheets for both books.

Classroom Discussion Questions with CCSS:

1. What is the main purpose of this book? What does author Gail Gibbons want to answer, describe and explain? Use evidence from the book. RI.2-3.1, 2, 6

2. Design a vegetable seed package. Write directions on "how to plant a garden" for the back of the seed package. RI.2-3.3 / W.2-3.2

3. In small groups, draw on personal experiences and conduct short research to identify vegetables that have the same shapes, sizes and colors. Categorize these on paper plates by drawing and labeling. Present your findings. RI.2-3.1, 5, 8 / SL.2-3.1, 4 / W.2-3.6, 7, 8

4. Compare and contrast the structure, ideas, topics, illustrations and vocabulary from Gail Gibbons's books THE VEGETABLES WE EAT and THE FRUITS WE EAT. W.2-3.2, 7, 8