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A word from Nancy Poydar about her new book, Bus Driver, and more . . .

”In Bus Driver, a discarded toy bus driver is separated from his bus and found by Max. Max, sympathetic to Bus Driver’s plight, quickly becomes attached, and takes Bus Driver everywhere! In spite of this bond, the little boy regularly misplaces Bus Driver, and it’s Max’s Mommy who finds Bus Driver each time—until a story hour visit to the library. This time, Max is the one who finds Bus Driver. On the way home, they come across a discarded toy bus. Bus Driver, now with a place of his own, is almost never missing.

”The inspiration for this story was my grandchild’s attachment to Red Truck. The grownups had to turn the house upside down whenever Red Truck was lost, which was often!

”Message for young readers? I tend to write books that I hope entertain first. Perhaps kids can identify with Max and see that they can find lost things themselves eventually, all a part of growing up.

”I grew up a hop, skip and a jump from the library and was allowed to go on my own early on. I remember Snip, Snap, and Snur and The Box Car Children. My grandfather read Dorothy Dainty to me. I read The Bobbsey Twins and Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie. But, most of all, I was a comic book fan and absolutely adored Little Lulu.”

Did You Know?

I am on Facebook and post regularly.

November 29 is my birthday.

I am married to Henry R. Poydar

We have two children. Henry is 39 and Eric is 37. They are both married. Henry has twin sons, Billy and Felix. They are 5.

I was born in Boston, MA, and grew up, until age 6, in the city then my family moved to Needham, MA

I am an only child and early on I had an imaginary friend. His name was Peter. My mother played along and held the door for him, etc.

I graduated from Tufts University with a B.A. in English and a B.A. in Education

I work at writing and illustration, and all that entails, full time.

I was a teacher, 6th grade, for 14 years, before that I was a ‘play-lady’ on a pediatric ward, a camp counselor, and, in high school, a drugstore clerk.

I love birds, flower gardens, my husband’s photography, daily walks, thriller movies and mystery books, and occasional trips (this spring to France).

I have two grandchildren who provide both inspiration and feedback.

I belong to two critique groups. In one I am the youngest and in the other I am the oldest.

More about Nancy . . .

Nancy Poydar grew up in eastern Massachusetts. After earning degrees in English and Education from Tufts University, Nancy studied art at the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, Massachusetts, and the Boston Museum School. She taught sixth grade for fourteen years in Concord, Massachusetts.

Nancy always used illustrated books heavily in her reading programs, encouraging her students to use drawings and other art work to illustrate their own book reviews and projects. She encouraged her students to think of themselves as authors, illustrators, and critics as well as readers. Classroom visits from authors and illustrators inspired Nancy to try working in the children’s book field herself.

After developing an illustrator’s portfolio, she left teaching to illustrate and eventually write full time. Nancy draws her ideas from mother-hood, the classroom, and especially, from her own childhood.

“I have always loved to draw. When I was a young girl, I had a subscription to Little Lulu comic books. I hung the bright covers on my wall each month. The comic books inspired me to draw my own characters-ballet dancers with impossibly long legs, queens with changeable gowns, and boy and girl twins with names like Paul and Pauline or Steve and Stephanie.

“As an only child, I entertained myself for hours acting out stories about the dancers, the queens or the twins in a big mirror in our living room. I gave drawing lessons to my friends and told them stories using the pictures. It was only natural that teaching, drawing and stories would always be central to my life (because I wasn't good at ballet!).

“I was a sixth-grade teacher for fourteen years so the picture books I write, as well as the many I have illustrated, have classroom set-tings. I'm intrigued with the drama of the classroom, especially the stories swirling just below the surface—the girl preoccupied with the lack of snow, those first day jitters, the worried boy who left his Halloween costume on the bus, or running out of red construction paper on Valentine's Day!

“A few years ago, my husband surprised me with old Little Lulu comic books. They sit between my drawing board and computer, serving not only as an inspiration still, but also, as a reminder of where it all began.”

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