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Classroom Picks . . . New Preschool Titles

From a grandma who sucks her thumb to a cloud that needs to make a little rain and a puppy that just wants to play, this month’s classroom picks will have preschoolers laughing and loving the world of books!

This Month's Picks

Mia's Thumb
by Ljuba Stille
Ljuba Stille, Illustrator



Mia sucks her thumb. It comforts her when she's sad, calms her when she's excited, and gives her courage when she needs to be brave. Mommy tells her she is too old for it, Daddy warns that her teeth will get crooked, her brother tells her she's embarrassing, and Grandpa offers her money to stop; but Mia refuses to quit. Then Grandma decides there must be something very special about thumb sucking. "I'll try it!" she says. But a thumb-sucking grandma is too much, even for Mia. "Stop it!" Mia says. "It's really embarrassing!"

Young readers will laugh at this offbeat picture book, and exasperated adults will be pleased to find a book that addresses this common childhood compulsion with humor and compassion.

Olga the Cloud
by Nicoletta Costa
Nicoletta Costa, Illustrator



Bright, cheerful art and an irresistible heroine make Olga the Cloud the perfect preschool read-aloud.

In this classic of Italian children's literature, a charming cloud named Olga wants to make a little rain. Unfortunately, she can't find anywhere to rest! The cat doesn't want Olga to rain on him; the hen doesn't want Olga to get her chicks wet; Mrs. Emilia doesn't want Olga's drops on her laundry. Even the sunflowers don't want Olga to rain on them because there isn't enough water to go around. Olga is desperate! Finally, with some help from Gino the bird, Olga finds her place in the world.

Little Puppy and the Big Green Monster
by Mike Wohnoutka
Mike Wohnoutka, Illustrator



With spare text and irresistible illustrations, Mike Wohnoutka tells the high-spirited story of an unlikely friendship that new readers, and their pals of all sizes, will love.

"Who wants to play?" wonders Little Puppy. Everyone is either too busy, too lazy, too mean, or too boring. Then Little Puppy spies Big Green Monster reading on a bench. "I will play with him!" he declares. Big Green Monster has no interest in playing games or being friends with Little Puppy. He escapes to the peace and quiet of his bathtub. But when Little Puppy follows him home and takes a scary tumble, Big Green Monster immediately comes to the rescue—and finds that there might just be a place for this tiny dog in his giant heart.