Jon McGoran
Jon McGoran talks about his new book, Spliced.

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I Like to Read



3, 2, 1, Go! by Emily Arnold McCully

Animals Work by Ted Lewin

Bad Dog by David McPhail

Big Cat by Ethan Long

The Big Fib by Tim Hamilton

Boy, Bird, and Dog by David McPhail

Can You See Me? by Ted Lewin

Car Goes Far by Michael Garland

Cat Got A Lot by Steve Henry

Come Back, Ben by Ann Hassett & John Hassett

The Cowboy by Hildegard Müller

Crow Made a Friend by Margaret Peot

Dinosaurs Don’t, Dinosaurs Do by Steve Björkman

Drew the Screw by Mattia Cerato

Ed and Kip by Kay Chorao

The End of the Rainbow by Liza Donnelly

Fireman Fred by Lynn Rowe Reed

Fish Had a Wish by Michael Garland

Fix This Mess! by Tedd Arnold

The Fly Flew In by David Catrow

Good Night, Knight by Betsy Lewin

Grace by Kate Parkinson

Happy Cat by Steve Henry

Here Is Big Bunny by Steve Henry

Hiding Dinosaurs by Dan Moynihan

I Have a Garden by Bob Barner

I Said, "Bed!" by Bruce Degen

I See and See" by Ted Lewin

I Will Try by Marilyn Janovitz

Late Nate in a Race by Emily Arnold McCully

The Lion and the Mice by Rebecca Emberley & Ed Emberley

Little Ducks Go by Emily Arnold McCully

Look Out, Mouse! by Steve Björkman

Look! by Ted Lewin

Lost Dog by Michael Garland

Me Too! by Valeri Gorbachev

Mice on Ice by Rebecca Emberley & Ed Emberley

Moe is Best by Richard Torrey

Nate Likes to Skate by Bruce Degen

A Night at the Zoo by Kathy Caple

Not Me! by Valeri Gorbachev

Pants for Chuck by Pat Schories

Peeper and Zeep by Adam Gudeon

Pete Likes Bunny by Emily Arnold McCully

Pete Makes a Mistake by Emily Arnold McCully

Pete Won’t Eat by Emily Arnold McCully

Pie for Chuck by Pat Schories

Pig Has a Plan by Ethan Long

Pig is Big on Books by Douglas Florian

Ping Wants to Play by Adam Gudeon

Pip Sits by Mary Morgan

Pug by Ethan Long

Sam and the Big Kids by Emily Arnold McCully

See Me Dig by Paul Meisel

See Me Run by Paul Meisel

Sick Day by David McPhail

Snow Joke by Bruce Degen

Up by Joe Cepeda

What Am I? Where Am I? by Ted Lewin

You Can Do It! by Betsy Lewin