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Common Core Staet StandardsCommon Core State Standards

The Common Core State Standards, designed to offer educators a clear understanding of the knowledge and skills that students are expected to learn, have been adopted in forty-five states, the District of Columbia, and four territories.

It is likely that your school or library is or will be implementing the Common Core, and Holiday House is pleased to offer you resources to help integrate CCSS into your planning.

While all Holiday House books meet the CCSS, we specifically outline the standards for hundreds of our titles—informational, math, language arts, poetry, and more. Click on the subjects below for specific listings.

CCSS can be integrated in your classroom in many ways. We’ve highlighted two here to help you get started. In addition, we have more than 200 educator guides, lesson plans and activity sheets available on our site.

Build Book Clusters

  • Create collections of books and other resources on a specific topic
  • Choose both informational and narrative texts for display and discussion
  • Use our online guides for dozens of thought-provoking questions and cross-curricular activities

Develop Author Studies

  • Begin with a favorite author or illustrator
  • Select specific books for a focus on point of view or character study
  • Examine the writing or illustration styles to develop comprehension and writing skills

We hope that teachers, librarians, booksellers, and parents nationwide will find this information useful in choosing books for their children that meet the Common Core State Standards.

Or download a complete list:

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